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I believe

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Information or training must subsequently be provided to each employee prior to assignment to any work area in which the employee has not received previous information and training.

Employees must be furnished with an explanation of what a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is, either in written form or through a training program.

Employees who may be exposed to a hazardous substance must be furnished with information on the contents of the MSDS for that hazardous substance, or equivalent information either in written form or through training programs. This information shall include as a minimum:

Any health hazards known to be associated with exposure to the hazardous substance(s);

Proper instructions for handling;

Necessary personal protective equipment or other safety precautions necessary to prevent or minimize exposure to the hazardous substance(s);
Emergency procedure to be followed for:




First Aid

Training programs will be conducted periodically as required; at a minimum, such programs will be conducted on an annual basis. As new employees enter the work place, training in regard to hazardous materials and waste management will be the responsibility of the department
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manager. Training must be accomplished at the time of employment. Records of employee attendance will be maintained in the
Education/Administration Department and in each employee personnel file as per the Employee Education Policy.


This organization shall take appropriate measures to contain and dispose of infectious waste.


Describe the procedure for the identification, packaging, storage, transportation and disposal of infectious waste generated within the confines of the home and the organization.

Insure that there is minimal risk to patients, staff, public, and the environment....

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