Three Elements of a Good Employment Relationship

Three Elements of a Good Employment Relationship

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Identify three elements of a good employment relations system

Dunlop Model

The Dunlop Model, created by John Dunlop, is a conceptual model that studies employment relations.

|Marketing/ Budgetary constraints |Union | |
|Technology |Management |Rules of the workplace. |
|Distribution of power in society |Government | |

Market/Budgetary Constraints: The organization’s budget for purchasing, employment, and other purposes
Technology: The advancement in technology affects the productivity. It aids in producing more in less time.
Distribution of Power in Society: This refers to the hierarchy of the organization.

Three Actors:
Unions: This is the body which represents the employees/workers.
Management: This refers to the employers
Government: It is linked by an ideology. It is the direct employment relation system in the country.

Rules of the workplace: This is the ideal Employee relation system. It is made up of the policies, laws and programs set by the unions, management, and the government to form the Employee Relations in Singapore.

This model of ideology may change as Singapore makes economic progress. From analysing the history of the country, it can be identified that Singapore aimed to promote economic growth and create jobs for its people during the 1960s. This was made possible with friendly laws and relaxed taxes introduced by the government to attract foreign investors. The country’s goal was then focused on productivity and remaining competitive in the region. This was...

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