Evolution of weapons with the invention of technology used by US military and homeland security pre and post wars Unit #: pulled over a bike on del perrow drive

Jake Morrison in custody for reckless driving

Bati being pulled over name Alexander mclay/ $500 ticket
The most important thing to do is to enjoy your life~to be happy~it's all that matters- Audrey Hepburn

Well always be family no matter the distance

BDU Top-$34.55✔️
BDU Bottom-$34.55✔️
BDU Hat-$12.70
USA Flag-$5.65
Squadron Patch-$2.30
Hey everyone! Today is my birthday as some of you know, I'm turning 15 years old. I wanna first off say I wanna thank god for being with me through everything, I wanna thank family, friends, coaches, even strangers, that saw the truth in me many of you have heard of the incident and many of you know that's not who I am and I really wanna thank you all for staying by my side especially in the time of need. Thank everyone once again I hope you have a safe a blessed day.Ik you don't have your phone and stuff but idk how I feel anymore. I sense like I wanted you to be my brother but then again I perceived like idk I think I'm too attached and idk why but Fr I think I should do something but I don't want to lose you Its like I care about you way more than you care about me im gonna go for a bit idk how long and I hope you stay safe I don't like sittings hole having shit on my mind and not getting it out like rn. Part of me wants to be mad but the other part says there's not point. Part of me says to blame someone other half says no point you get what I'm saying? Let me just say and not bash on you but when I call you my bro or brother I don't think you understand like I really mean that you're like the little brother I never had and I don't want you making dumbass mistakes I want you to just make right decisions like I said before idk what I am to you but ik what you are to me. I dorm think Asia should have sent that pic of you...

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