Tok - to What Extent Give Us Sense Truth

Tok - to What Extent Give Us Sense Truth

To what extent do our senses give us knowledge of the world as it really is ?

Never before I did not think about my senses and about to what extent they can give us knowledge of the world. But all people know that senses give us all information about the world. We do not know if informations are right because we did not know nothing else. So inmy essay I would like to inform you about our senses. Which kind of information we can give from single senses. After I would like to tell you, if is possible that senses give us wrong information about the world and try to describe on examples.

We have five different senses '' hearing, sight, touch, smell and taste. Every sense give us a different type of information. All information which we got, go to brain and brain elaborate the informations. After this we got a firm information. And we can use it.

The first sense which we have is sight. Sight provide us most of information. In our eyea are approximately 70% from out of all receptors in our body. By the help our eyes we can see everything what is around us.We can orientate in space without help other people or things. Sight give us informations about colours. But I think that somebody can see colours a little different. I do not think view red colour instead green. But view for example red instead pink or violet. This colours are quite similar and people can see them different. Our eyes give us information also about size, shape, distances, speed of movement or about many other things. So by the help our eyes we can orientate in time. Because we see if is twilight, darkness or daylight. But our sight can be wrong. We can see something and in fact it is not true. For Example everybody know fallacy. Fallacy bypassing our sesnse. After that we have wrong information. But about most of fallacy we know and we can make out them. For example you can look to picture. What we see depends on our...

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