Tort or Negligence

Tort or Negligence

Coffee is supposed to be Hot

Coffee is supposed to be Hot!: This Tort is Negligence
Beatrice Moore
LAW 531, Business Law
University of Phoenix, Augusta Campus
David S. Klein, Instructor
November 12, 2008
Coffee is supposed to be hot! As I drive through Starbucks and ask for a Frappucino I can only think of how nice it will be to drink a cup of coffee with whipped cream and chocolate mint flavor. I mean this is a specialized coffee shop? As I take my first sip I can only scream in horror. My sensitive teeth are ruined. I must now sue. My dentist stated that I could not drink any cold drinks only warm drinks until my surgery date. That attendant never told me that this drink was iced coffee. I couldn’t feel if it was warm or cold through the insulated cup. Nothing on the menu indicated to me that this was a cold drink. And honestly who ever heard of iced coffee – coffee is supposed to be hot. Well, what do I do now? My teeth are ruined. I can’t talk because my jaw has locked up. In the infamous words of Elaine from Seinfield – “coffee is supposed to be hot.” Why was mine so dang, cold…………….

Table that displays the issues and principles that are relevant to the “Business Regulation”

|Legal Issues |Situation |Detective |Research-prevention |Corrective |
|Strict liability |Alumina in violation of |Concentration in test |EPA ordered cleanup – |Alumina complied promptly|
| |environmental discharge |samples above prescribed |could have prevented by | |
| |by Environmental |limits |conducting independent | |
| |Protection Agency (EPA) | |random sample test | |
|Defamation - libel |broadcast of public |Daughter diagnosed with |Conducted independent |No...

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