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P.O. Box F-2824
Grand Bahama
October 16, 2008

Dear Elizabeth,
I am writing a letter to you because my computer is not working and my cellular phone is out of minutes. I was troubled when I heard you started taking drugs. I was troubled because I know you’re better than that and that your mother tried her best to raise you properly.
What you’re doing is wrong. You can die, become imprisoned, lose your self of being and disappoint your friends and family who always thought highly of you. Taking drugs is also wrong because it’s illegal. This means you’re breaking the law. Elizabeth, why are you doing this? I know you’re doing this to get friends and to be popular but it’s not worth losing everything and everyone around you.
By taking drugs you can be sent to jail for years. You can also get addicted, so when you want to stop it will be hard because your body is used to the heroine, marijuana, cocaine and whatever else you might be taking. Elizabeth, you can die! I love you to much to watch you kill yourself. I refuse to.
My advice is to get help. See a psychiatrist. Remove yourself from the crowd that is influencing this disgusting behavior. Talk to your pastor. Pray and ask God to help you stop and to forgive you. Go to a rehabilitation centre. If you need someone to talk to, Elizabeth, I am always here. Do not ever hesitate to write back.

Your friend,

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