Truman Show Questions

Truman Show Questions

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Year 9 English
Short Answer Response Questions Assessment Task #1
The Truman Show
Katey Cook 9KW 2011

1. To prevent Truman from discovering his false reality, Christof invented ways of dissuading his sense of exploration; what were they?
Christof planted phobias in Truman at an early age in a way of discouraging him from discovering the truth of his world. The main, most powerful one (developed from a traumatic event) was a phobia of water/the sea. Also, when Truman was in Primary School and was about to set off exploring, he was put off by an aggressive dog which sprouted a phobia of dogs; was continually reinforced.
Guilt was layered on by his ‘family’ and ‘best friend’ whenever he talked about going somewhere off the island, as well as being put off by extreme posters at the travel agency, no flights available for at least a month. His wife pressing him on having a baby and favourite television show stating everything you could do out in the world, you could do right in your hometown.
All these methods Christof used in keeping Truman from the truth and securing his own career.

2. How would you describe the community/township of Seahaven? Use examples from the text to support your response.
“Good morning.” “Good morning Truman.” “And if I don’t see you, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight.” *big, happy smiles –a greeting Truman shared every morning with the people across the road. Seahaven was organised, perfect, no crime, always friendly to Truman, everyone knew his name. A picture-perfect town, designed to be very welcoming and secure.

3. In what ways are the actors in the show different to Truman? Choose one and compare and contrast them to Truman (discuss how they were similar and how they were different).
Meryl you could see as purely an actor. She played her role too close to the script, didn’t seem very ‘real’/down to Earth, giving Truman clear indicators (drama, sarcastic remarks) whenever he shared about his queries in...

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