The Truman Show


1. What kind of place does Seahaven appear to be in the opening sequence of scenes? Seahaven appears to be perfect with nothing out of place

In the early opening scenes
After viewing the entire film
The weather looked like it was the same every day, but when Truman was sad or feeling an emotion the people would change the weather to the situation

The weather was the same, they made every cloud the same, they tried to make it perfect
The traffic is always the same cars and the same people

The traffic changed to what Truman was doing
The sun set was the same all ways and average most of the time because it was always the same

The sun set the same every night but they could change when the sun went up/down if they wanted to
All the houses look the exact same and look artificial, they make the houses a bright colour to show happiness.

Everything is the same
Truman says the same thing every morning to the same people and the neighbours seem like they are actors or like fake people, they don’t seem real

All the neighbours do the same thing every day, like they are on a loop, the neighbours were really predictable
activities of people
No one has a difference of opinion of things that they enjoy, everyone likes the same thing

They do the same thing that everyone else does.
They seem fake when the wife does the product placement

Relationships seem false

Viewers’ World:

1. Who’s watching what happens in Seahaven? What different sets of viewers can you identify?
The granny’s
The waitresses and the bar
The guy in the tub
The two police officers

2. Why are they watching?

They watch because they want to see what it’s like to have a “perfect life” they use it as a distraction from their “normal life” they also might see it as hope.

The Set/Christof’s World

1. What instances can you think of where ‘the...

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