Trusting a Friend

Trusting a Friend

Is it fear tat i d ask u something..... u do not want to part wid... Tat u persuade me to replace....
one word for another, Shame on me tat i have....Raised such doubts on the much loved heart...
true im in wat i feel, a friend is all i need.. Fear to face the lie seems to haunt u... or is someone`s word confusing u?...
Tat i must deny wat i really think... And say something tat does not relate.. Y dear, y doubt me still?.... M jus a friend,
nothing more!

Trusting the first time i saw...
Tat innocent face reaching out a hand.. To shake all the bonds i had in mind..
To break all resolutions, to question reason and.. steal its own little place in my heart..
fallen out of control,i am.. Torn by two, i fear to depart... Doubting i d lose all tat i own..
i rest closing my eyes, looking within.. A picture of a smilin face tat finds... All my fears so funny, oh darlin...
y dont they trust, these dreamin minds? Wen i say i love you..

changes within me tat i never knew would come, all d bonds that r shattered n gone, lots of tots stayed inside my heart,
reminding me tat now im not alone, i tot i d hide my dreams within my eyes, faking d smile wid shadows of tears, consoling
myself wid all the lies, i closed the doors and dwelled in fears, but i can feel the peace within me, as u changed wat i tot was
destiny, such joy n satisfaction never before iv seen, sure of me iv never been, tat u rule me all day long,
wid u within u i always belong!

Absent i am from this world... dreaming of tings i know
wont come... all smiles i am dunno y... such a sweet heart ive become cos of
u, is it? Not sure... But still i smile when i hear your name.. wat pleasure i derive
when u call me dear?.. what feelings of ecstasy? what road to fame?.. i don understand y..
it is unclear , this sudden joy.. But still i try, still i try.. To know the reason, to realise y!

I walk that empty road where, broken castles lie, my dreams they are, i smile to myself,...

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