ukraine cries robbery

ukraine cries robbery

Chapter 11
The Economy and Politics
“Ukraine Cries Robbery”

Chapter eleven focuses on the economy and politics so I chose to write on Russia and Ukraine having a political battle over Crimea. The politics and economies of other countries has an effect on the rest of the world. Sometimes wars break out of conflict due to different countries having different economic systems as well as political systems. Some variations on economic systems are capitalism, socialism, and communism. With Russia being so large of a country they do have the power to take control of anything they may want to.

While Ukraine does not have as much power as Russia they do have allies who are willing to help upon certain agreements. Now the problem with Crimea is a vast majority of its population is Russian, or of Russian influences, while technically speaking it is its own government and country. But it is and can be still considered a territory of Ukraine. Crimea has had its own parliament, but being a semiautonomous region with Ukraine the Ukrainian government still had veto power over its actions.

The crisis over Crimea is shifting from a political battle into a military battle due to the Russian military using force upon matters that should not be validated by force. The United States of America is in sure to step in because of Russia being a stronger country carrying deadly nuclear weapons this could potentially start an all-out war. Almost brings back the feeling of the Cold War all over again.

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