Unit 2 assignment 2 Trace analysis

Unit 2 assignment 2 Trace analysis

Unit 2 Assignment 2: TRACE analysis
“The Great Baby Einstein Scam” p537

What kind of text is it?
The kind of text used is an article text.
What are its special qualities and features?
The special qualities of this article is the company involved and the issue the article was written about.

What is it about?
The article was about Walt Disney and their Baby Einstein videos, that can potentially make babies turn into Einstein by simply watching them at a young age. Which caught the eye to many parents but ended up being a big fail and cause un happy customers demand a refund.

Are you one of the readers the writer anticipated?
No, I was simply amused of the topic and that the article had to do with a business failure.

Do you share common ground with the author and other audience members?
Yes I actually do share the common ground that the author is putting across.

Are you open to change?
Yes I am open to change because its only fair to give both sides the same amount of my support until one surpasses the other.

Who is the author?
Mira Jacob

How is the author influenced by background, experience, education, affiliations, or values?
The author might be influenced by parenting in the author’s own parenting styles or personal experiences.

What is the author’s motivation to write?
The author’s motivation to write the article is the parenting.


* What beliefs, attitudes, habits, affiliations, or traditions will influence the way you and the author view the argument?

If I had affiliations with Walt Disney I would most likely side against the author, if I had kids personally would side with the author


What caused the argument, and do you perceive it as a defect or problem?
I believe the one who caused the problem was Walt Disney for creating the product and the parents had some blame as well for purchasing the product and exposing it to their...

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