unit 4 m5

unit 4 m5

Unit 30- Visual merchandising
P1- the types of fixtures and fittings that they use
P2- the layout and space

Describe how space is used in retail outlets.

In this assignment, I am going to be describing how visual merchandising techniques are applied to goods in different types of retail outlets and how space is used to display goods in three retail outlets. The three retail outlets that I have chosen to do are a clothing store, car showroom and a supermarket. The specific stores that I have chosen to do are;
Clothing store- New look
Car showroom- Volvo
Supermarket- Morrison’s.

Visual merchandising- this is the activity of being able to develop floor plans in your workplace. It is also being able to develop three dimensional displays so that this will have the potential of maximising your sales. Both goods and services can be displayed. This can be so that the features and benefits are highlighted. Visual merchandising is used so that it may attract, engage and motivate the customers that are shopping in the store to make more purchases than what they originally planned.

Visual merchandising techniques-
Stock facing- this is when everything is placed at the front of the shelves of the store giving the impression that the shelves are full even when they might not be. This type of visual merchandising technique would be used in stores such as Morrison’s.
Horizontal blocking- this is the visual merchandise that shows down a customer’s shopping experience. This is because they have to look at each little bit for whatever they are looking for. Horizontal blocking would be used in stores such as New Look.
Vertical blocking- this is good for speeding up the shopping process. However, you are also able to fit a lot on these types of shelves. Vertical blocking would be used in supermarkets such as Morrison’s.
Point of sale- this is a specialised form of sales promotion. They are usually found next to, on or near a checkout counter. They can also be...

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