One of the biggest problems that a person who is leaning a second language has is the increasement of his or her vocabulary. Since having a good vocabulary facilitate the communication among people of a community of speaker is necessary to know the way to do it. In this case we are about to take into account the two main characteristics that the basic unit of the language (word) has that they are building blocks and they have unpredictable meaning. These two main points lead us to search words in dictionaries and to practice the target language within a community of speaker of the foreign language.

      Since there are words that are unpredictable, it is needed to have them listed in dictionaries. The objective of this listing is to facilitate the comprehension of any unpredictable word, which the learner of a second language may need to know, so in that way the vocabulary is increased and the communication is improved. As the matter of fact, looking up words in dictionaries is not only a very common habit among learners of a second language but also is well recommended by teachers of the target language. However, we must take into account the fact that is not enough just to found the unpredictable word we are interested in, but, interiorize it and put into speaking practice.

      Another way to get more vocabulary is by getting exposed to the language, so we can say that learning a second a language not only involves the use of dictionaries for looking the meaning of words, but it also involves to get close where the language is spoken, by doing this, you can listen to how words are used; therefore, you know in what situations you may use words. For example, if in a conversation between two people, one of them makes use of an idiomatic expression, phrasal verb or proverb and the other does not know the meaning, he/she will not be able to understand and will ask for clarification, so, next time he/she will be...

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