Volunteerism and Its Benefits

Volunteerism and Its Benefits

Volunteerism and its benefits

What do you think of volunteerism? Do you think about the sacrifice of our money, time and energy? Volunteerism does not incur losses to us. Actually, we gain experiences and sense of achievement from the people we help.

One of the benefits of volunteerism is meeting a diverse range of people. When we go abroad for a mission, like Africa and China, we can meet people of different ages, backgrounds, races and countries. Besides, we can learn and know different cultures and languages when we travel around the world to help others. As an example, Africa dances are an important mode of communication and dancers use gestures, masks, custumes and body paintings as visual devices. Be a volunteer, we will have a wide relationship and may change our attitudes, characters and behavior. We will become more open minded, calm and have the capability to solve problems.

Next, volunteer does not just mean helping others but it also gives a chance for us to learn. If we are volunteers in a hospital, we can experience the life of nursing. We must always observe the condition of the patients and also learn ways to give emergency treatment during an accident and gain more knowledge in medication. One of the knowledge in medication is panadol cannot be eaten with coca-cola because it will increase our blood pressure. When we offer services in an old folks’ home, we are to situate ourselves as an old folk, understand their feelings and be more respectful to them. There, just like a school the training will teach us how to communicate with others, be a responsive, patient and lovely person.

Finally, although volunteerism uses up our time and energy, when a mission is completed, we will feel happy. A sense of achievement is gained when a successful modification is made in the mental, attitude and behavior of society or even the environment. A peaceful society and a clean environment that we develop will act as a...

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