War and Peace

War and Peace

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The New Deal Was Not A Total Success, How Far Do You Agree?

FDR introduced the New Deal to help the people most affected by the 
depression of October 1929. The Wall Street Crash of October 24th 1929 
in America signaled the start of the depression in which America 
would fall into serious economic depression.

The depression started because some people lost confidence in the fact 
that their share prices would continue to rise forever, they sold 
their shares, which started a mass panic in which many shares were 
sold. The rate at which people were selling their shares was so quick 
that the tele printers could not keep up, therefore share prices 
continued to fall making them worthless. Also causing many people to 
lose their jobs as the owners of factories could not afford to pay the 
workers wages.

After the depression America was in a state mass hysteria as the Wall 
Street crash had caused a massive crisis among the American public 
because the impact of the wall street crash caused 12 million people 
out of work, it also caused 20,000 companies to go bankrupt and there 
were 23,000 suicides in one year because of the wall street crash this 
was the highest amount of suicides in a year ever recorded showing signs of failure in the new deal and doubt throughout the American people.

The main aims of the new deal were Relief, Recovery and Reform, Relief 
was for the Homeless and Unemployed, recovery was for Industry, Agriculture and Banks and Reform was to prevent the depression form 
happening again. 

The structure of The New Deal was the First Hundred Days (1933) where 
he would focus on relief by helping the homeless and unemployed and 
recovery by helping industry, agriculture and banks, there was also 
the Second New Deal where he would focus on Reform, preventing the 
depression from happening again.

Roosevelt believed that the government should help those people worst 
affected by the depression, this is why he created over 50...

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