Waste heat recovery boiler in glass industry

Waste heat recovery boiler in glass industry

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 Waste heat recovery boiler in glass industry
Glass industry consumers huge energy every year. China has a top level of the float glass processing industry in the world, however here is still a big gap between the international level on energy consumption. The float glass kiln waste heat power generation system can further the utilization of the waste heat more than 70%,so the waste heat can be almost fully used.

Waste heat recovery boiler is key equipment in the power plant system of glass kiln waste heat utilization, the exhausted gases from glass kiln pass through superheater,evaporator,economizer,water-heater and other heat exchange parts alike.After that, the flue gases will be drafted by fan assigning at rear part of boiler. Reversed U-type vertical arrangement, natural circulation are brought into use for the boiler. Heating surfaces comprise plain serpentine tube respectively. And also the boiler adopts combined ash-removal technology, this method tackles the problem of ash depositing effectively. The structural design of "step out-able economizer" avoids boiler suffered from low temperature erosion.Our company has already finished the R&D of the waste heat recovery boiler applying in glass manufacturing line which capacity range from 250t/d to 900t/d.

Float glass kiln waste heat recovery boiler features:
1, As per the characters of flue gas from glass kiln, we simulate the share of overheating,evaporating,water-heating to determine each parameter appropriately and expediently choose single pressure,instantaneous evaporation as well as double pressure system.These steps could maximize the economical interest of waste heat utilization and minimize the space occupation.
2, Integrated concerning about the exhausted gases features from glass kilns firing different fuels, the problem of ash-depositing could be dealt with effectively by on-line steam blowing, heat water spraying at a regular time interval,mechanical vibration and...

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