water scarcity

water scarcity

1. Introduction
1.1 Background
With frequent appearance of unusual weather, environment issues have become a heat issue in the world. The global rapid industrialization has damaged the environment seriously because of massive emissions generated by machines and chemicals. In the process of pursuing sustainable development and protecting the environment, companies play an essential role because of its large-scale production. However, not every company is responsible for the environment.

1.2 Purpose
This report will look at websites of 3 coffee companies and evaluate the information regarding the environment on the websites.

1.3 Criteria
How detailed the information is?
How do companies conduct recycling and avoid wastes?
Packaging and manufacturing
Support and welfares for farmers

2. Description
Website 1

This is the website of a coffee company, Starbucks. Under the heading of ’responsibility’ on the homepage of Starbucks, there are subheadings ‘Environment’, ‘Rainforest Alliance’ and ‘Costa Foundation’, which present the information about the environment. The company seems to have struggled for protecting the environment.

Website 2

This is the website of a coffee company, Costa. The company provides some links to environmental issues on the site. The website do not include a link to the company’s environmental report. The company seems to take environmental issues seriously.

Website 3

This is a website of a coffee company, Hampton. ‘Keep it green’ is the only one link about environmental issues under the heading of ’Community’ on the homepage. The company seems not to take environmental issues very seriously.

3. Evaluation
3.1 level of detail
Although all the 3 website provides information about recycling in packaging and their support to farmers, the...

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