Watsons Water

Watsons Water

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Water –it can satisfied human thirst. Under Maslow’s hierarchy of Needs are Physiological needs.
Watsons Water can provide healthiest & purest quality distilled water in Asia Pacific region. In Hong Kong, their headquarters can continue to supply different of products line.
In the 1950’s start offering Office-sized bottle to Office user and adoption with office water cooler, after 20years later, they are putting water into self production plastic bottles to convenience consumers needs.
Watsons can provide a range of stylish and functional dispensers designed with Sanitization & annual maintenance program to fit your requirements.

In 1977, Watsons first launched 500ml plastic water bottle into retail market, they sure customers can get purest quality water on everywhere anytime and launching a brand-new design bottle with using the cap as a cup on 2002.

In 1996, Watsons start introduce the 11L distilled water junior bottle onto the household market, because they know that many of parents need to use distilled water with zero impurities to get in steam mask facial machine, baby milk bottle cleaning machine, etc. They need convenient and hygienic distilled water to avoid all sorts of impurities from old pipes and dirty water tanks in low cost.

Watsons Water is largest distilled water manufacturer in HK, they continue to improve products and systems to heave market share & life-cycle.

Make Market penetration on Office user, to create and design more range of stylish functional dispensers and bundle with water bottle coupons to push sales revenue. Office user business is their cash cows on the growth share Matrix. It is very maturity product life cycle to maintain sales & profits ($)

On household market, Watsons still on market development status, they have many rooms to growth up new markets on existing products. Some of new mini water dispensers (4.5L) with various designs “Oval”, “Cat”, “Dream” & “Pure” styles can be attract family...

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