Website Planning Worksheet

Website Planning Worksheet

Web Site Planning Worksheet
IT 117

Purpose: What is/are the purpose(s) of my Web site?
The purpose of my website is to introduce myself and share things about my life so people can get to know about me. It's where I will share my experiences, talk about where I came from, where I've been, and where I am going. My hobbies, my family, my Goals when it come to school and career. Also any other information I wish to reveal.
Goals: What are the goals of my web site?
1. I will introduce myself and talk a little about where I came from and some things that I have accomplished and touch base on various things .
2. I will tell people about my work experience and where I am now and what my dream position is.
3. I will talk about my family and show pictures and also add the experiences I've had as a dad and granddad.
4. I will talk about my hobbies like paintballing, and show pictures, also I am a gamer and I will speak of the games I have played and currently play.
5. I will share my contact info and also links that are geared towards my hobbies and interest.
Structure: What is the layout of my Web site?

Audience: Who is my target audience? (Include at least two target audiences for each page)
1. Friends, anyone interested in me!
2. Family and New Friends
3. Work Colleagues, Current and future employers
4. Co-workers and Like minded hobbies
5. Current or future paintballers and Gamers

Content: What content do I want on my site? (Include pages, forms, images and any interactivity. You will describe these five pages: index.html, bio.htm, career.htm, links.htm, and contact.htm)
1.My index.html page will explain what my Web site is about and will cause my visitors to want to click a link in my navigation bar or to click my email contact...

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