Wee of the Man

Wee of the Man

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ngs You’ll Need:
• Hard drive with at least 10gb space (less works, but more is better)
• CD or DVD disk
• CD or DVD burner
• Computer able to boot from CD or DVD
Download the Ubuntu iso file from here http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download. If you have a 64 bit computer, be sure to select the 64 bit version. (If you don't know what 64 bit means, then don't worry about it.) (An iso file is a image of a CD or DVD)

Download and install CD or DVD burning software, such as Iso Recorder or Magic Iso.

Burn the iso file to your blank CD or DVD with the burning software.
Leaving the Ubuntu disk in your drive, reboot your computer.
It varies from PC to PC, but at startup there will be a button, such as F2 for me, or Del, or Esc you have to press to enter the BIOS.

In the BIOS, there will be an option to select boot order. Boot order tells the computer to check each thing for a bootable OS. Move CD/DVD boot to the top of the lis, and save your changes.

If all went well, you should now see a loading screen, followed by a menu.
At this point, language select will come up. Select English (unless you're of a different language of course).

Now there will be some options such as:
1: Install Ubuntu to Hard Disk
2: Try out Ubuntu without changing anything
3: Memtest.

There may be others, but they are unimportant.
If you wish to try out Ubuntu, select that and press enter. Once you're ready to install it, select install and press enter.
Follow the on screen instructions as best you can. They are mostly self explanatory, but I will explain partitioning.

Partitioning is basically dividing your hard drive into slices. Windows generally uses 1 partition, which is as big as your drive, but Ubuntu will decrease the size of this to allow for it's on partition.

Make sure you have enough space and have backed up files you have to have. I've never had a problem, but resizing partitions can corrupt data...

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