What Factors Influence the Effect of Dryer?

What Factors Influence the Effect of Dryer?

China is rich in non-metallic mineral resources which can be applied directly in agriculture, chemical, paper making, plastic, paint, etc after being crushed and grinded. The dryer is widely used in industrial field and always an important department of national economy. Nowadays, Fote Machinery has produced all kinds of drying equipment, which is close to world advanced level.

Dryer is widely used for processing the materials in the areas of building materials, metallurgy, chemical, cement, slag, limestone, coal powder, clay. It is mainly composed by gyrator, materials feeding plate, gearing, support device and seal circe, etc. dryer, as the common drying equipments in the machinery industry, the drying effect will have great influence to enterprises and manufacturers, and the following is the simple introduction to the factors affecting dryer drying effect.

1. Tumble dryer models´╝îproduction capacity and feeding amount in once drying process. If feeding amount is more than the maximum drying amount of tumble dryer equipment, it will cause slime can not completely contact with hot air, resulting in drying is incomplete.

2. The control of air inlet. Wind network of air inlet due to somer reasons appears jam phenomenon, or air pressure is not enough or too metropolitan cause air volume control is not stable, thus affecting the contact area of materials, and the circulation of the moisture evaporation;

3. Wrong flow calculation before drying scheme. To this phenomenon, only choose to re-calculation of flow rate.

4. Tumble dryer cylinder speed is too fast or too slow will greatly influence the materials drying effect, and at this time, regulating the tumble dryer speed is the key.

Fote heavy industry group, the dryer equipment factory has always committed to manufacture large, medium and small-sized dryer equipments: coal slime dryer, sludge dryers, lignite dryer, sand drying machine, feeding dryer, steam dryer, powder dryer, three return dryers,...

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