What is Effect of Material on Choosing Coal Slime Dryer

What is Effect of Material on Choosing Coal Slime Dryer

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High efficiency and energy saving coal slime dryer is on the basis of drum drying machine is developed and become a new type of drying equipment, can be widely used in:1, the coal industry, coal, coal, flotation plant, mixing plant material drying;2, construction industry blast furnace slag, clay, limestone, sand, quartz and other materials drying;3, mineral processing industry of various kinds of metal ore concentrate, dry slag, tailings and other materials;4, chemical industry, the drying of thermal sensitive material. So the coal slime dryer is more and more popular in mining market at present. But do you know how to select the most suitable coal slime dryer for you? And what about the effect of materilas on choosing this type industrial dryer?

1. The material form, to a piece of coal, coal ash products and flake, granule, powder loading and paste paste and liquid materials, is a need to dry the material in industry. So choose coal slime dryer shall, first of all, according to the appearance of the material

2. The combination of material and water state, it determines the ease of drying, energy consumption level and the time required in the industrial dryer machine, has a lot to do with the selection. For difficult dry material mainly, for example, for a long time, instead of strengthening the external premise of dry.

3. The property of the material in the drying process, including the heated heat sensitive, some material will change color after heat and decompose the metamorphism.In addition, the material in the process of drying shrinkage makes the molding products cracking or deformation, thus reduce the product quality or even scrapped.

4. Various physical properties of materials, including density, bulk density, particle size distribution function of adhesion, heat capacity, and material, etc.Adhesion function of high and low, drier front-rear and some forms of work has a great influence, adhesion drying process can't be serious.


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