What Is Creativity

What Is Creativity

While creativity may be defined differently by different people, it essentially means the same thing. Creativity is all about innovation, creating something that’s different and expressive of an individual. As famous inventor Albert Einstein once said, “The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources”. Everything that the world knows today has been built on previous ideas. That is the beauty of creativity. Anyone with creativity can turn something common into something special. In that sense, Einstein has revealed what creativity is all about. However, no longer do people hide their sources. As we are enlightened on this point, people are becoming increasingly interested in the process of creativity.

I, indeed, find creativity to be a process. It is a process by which observing, makings links and eventually seeing things in a different way leads to the creation of something different. Like all processes, the path to completion is not always smooth and it takes trial and error to get the best result. As a process one tends to forget that one is already using creative skills, but is that enough to stand out? Some people appear to always have new ideas in an instant, while some take a long and laborious time.

I believe that creativity can be compared to a playing the piano. It exists, it’s easily accessible for learning purposes, and some have more natural aptitude than others. Eventually, those with a natural aptitude but those who work harder at it will get better with practice and likewise have their reward – their masterpieces being presented to the world.

However, by trying to creative is the ultimate way to be uncreative. Being creative is a state of mind, a way of life. It carries on into the things we see, the thoughts we think and the expression of self. A common way of describing creativity would be to “think outside the box”, and by forcing yourself to think in a certain way could, in fact, affect a person’s natural form of...

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