A Roadmad for Creativity

A Roadmad for Creativity

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Creative Strategies in Advertising
Tuesday, September 05, 2006
(WEEK 4 - 2)


A Roadmap for the Creativity
* Strategy is the way you plan to sell the product, not the words and images you use to do so.
* Strategy consist of identifying what you need to say even before you’ve found the right way to say it.
* Strategic planning is the stage between fact gathering and the big idea.

O’Toole’s 3-Point Approach To Strategy
John O’Toole, former president of the American Association of Advertising Agencies, says you should consider 3 things when determining a strategy.
* Who or what is the competition?
* Who are you talking to?
* What do you want them to know, understand, and feel?

DDB Needham’s Focus on Basic Human Behavior

The DDB Needham agency explores the emotional and rational rewards to using products in the process of defining it’s strategy.
* In-use rewards
* Results-of-use rewards
* Incidental-to-use rewards

McCann Erickson’s Pole Playing Approach

Suggests getting inside the mind of the consumer by acting as if you were that person.
* Who is our target?
* Where are we now in the mind of this person?
* Where is our competition in the mind of this person?
* What is the consumer promise? The Big Idea?
* What is the supporting evidence?
* What is the tone of voice for the advertising?
Create an Advertising Strategy
* An advertising strategy should support the marketing plan, which in turn supports the company business plan.
* In the Real World you will rarely be handed a marketing or business plan. So you'll normally have to figure things out for yourself.
* The first step in the development of your communications strategy could be, should be a SWOT analysis.
* Properly done, a Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats assessment will give you a 360 degree, full-colour picture of the market, the product or...

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