What Is Happening to Us??

What Is Happening to Us??

We all boast that we live in a technologically advanced society...The world is at our finger tip..Last day i was just thinking how fast everything around us changing..how fast we are changing and adapting to everything...

Ten years before..almost..there was this banyan tree near our home..I used to notice how it changes every season..sometimes no leaves atall,then those tender green leaves will come,then those dark green leaves which son turn brow n finally the tree stays there with branches high up in sky with no leaves..this happens year after year after year..no one noticed it much..not even that the tree was cut and now there is a building there in place of the banyan tree..I just said this because things change and we neva notice it..when i was a kid..i six or seven years old i could still rememba the rainy days...the road will be flooded and heavy rain.and on Wednesdays we gotta wear white and white and i half walk half swim from home to the bus stop fully drenched in rain...but now many years passed and there are no rains like that in june-july,no floods,no time for kids to stop by and splash water or make paper boats..

Ive neva heard of mobile phones or pc's when i was ten..But lil kids of that age now talk about sms,mms,bluetooth,war of the world,pop,half life2,hotwheels and batman..hmmm....everyone having more virtual friends than real ones.no one cares for anyone else,not even themselves sometimes..

We used have better memory and more concentration..Because we used to one task at a time...but now its age of multitasking..you talk to your friend on the phone,you chat with some one in gtalk also and thinking about the ad you saw 15 minutes before..may there will be a time when we could no longer do sums fast and everyone start thinking why all the effort when there are calculators or something better or what all the fuss about concentration, im ok this way channel surfing changing channels at the rate of 50 channels per minute..

Banyan trees...

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