What is kong kid

What is kong kid

Did you meet some kids that are just so disrespectful to you? What’s wrong with kids in Hong Kong?

What is Kong Kids

Children in Hong Kong who have weak self-management, are vulnerable to adversity and possess low emotional intelligence. They usually live in middle income families with domestic helpers.

What is helicopter parents

“3 Low 1 High”

Low self-care ability, low adversity quotient and low emotional quotient, also high controllability.

Cause of Kong kids in Social aspect

1. Increasing Number of Families Having Only One Kid

Parents were opted to spoil their kids, so
they lacked social skills as well as emotional quotient.

They did not want their child to face any difficulties they had encountered before. Their child was protected under the umbrella of their parents throughout their growing process. Without any life experience, the kid had an low adversity quotient.

Kong Kids Characteristics

1 ) Lack self-care ability

Most of Kong Kids lack self-care ability, they are unable to carry out simple daily routines such as bathing, cooking ,tidy up their room .They are used to relying on their parents and foreign domestic helpers.


1 . A survey of 500 parents, conducted in March by Tai Po Mega Mall, found that 76 per cent of the parents interviewed said their children needed help getting dressed and 61 per cent said their children did not know how to bathe themselves. More than half of the parents said their children did not clean up, while 42 per cent said their children needed help finishing a meal.

2 .A survey published last month by City University's department of applied social studies found that about 62 per cent of parents of children aged between four and 12 said their children did not help with household chores, with many attaching greater importance to homework.

3. Clinical psychologist Daisy Chow (2011) pointed out nearly 80 percent of parents interviewed also said their...

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