What a Male Thinks a Female Wants

What a Male Thinks a Female Wants

Men and women are nearly the same – biologically. They share well over 990f the same genetic code. In fact, when looking at a man and woman's chromosome pairs, they are different only in chromosome pair number 23, where the XX and XY chromosomes take effect. However, as modern society has noticed, behaviorally, men and women are very different, along with their desires. Women want to have more rights but less responsibilities, strive to show their creative side, and want good friends that they can share their problems with when having a bad day.

Not too long ago, an equal rights amendment that would give both genders equal rights was being discussed. Ironically, many feminists opposed the amendment. Since both men and women would have equal rights, women would be able to be drafted in a wartime scenario. I am not for women being drafted into the military, but if women truly did want equal rights, they would accept this. Freedom not only means the gaining of rights, but the gaining of rights and responsibilities that come with these rights. This may be why in countries around the world, you rarely see a woman run for president, governor or another similar high office, but see them run more for positions like Congress or other less important roles. These positions would give women a greater ability to do things, yet would not have as much responsibility as a president or governor.

Women also have the desire to show their creativeness, more so than men. Males will almost never use non-blue or black pens when taking notes or writing assignments. Highlighters seem to be used more by females than males. For this, there is good reason. Studies have shown that more information is retained when using a highlighter or a colored pen when reading for business or school. Women also tend to decorate more than men, especially with seasonal decorations.

Women also want at least one person they can talk to in confidence. They...

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