Whatever Happens.

Whatever Happens.

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All throughout life, things happen. Good things, bad things, things that are planned and things that are unplanned. you never know what life is going to throw at you. People seem to rely too much on the planned things in life, believing that if those planned things do not come to pass, something went terribly wrong. I believe that we must rely on the Lord. It seems so
difficult, but when thought about, makes too much sense to ignore.

Whatever happens happens. At first, maybe seeming redundant, this little phrase has been used by myself and so many others, I'm sure. It has a beautiful meaning. Whatever happens, whether good or bad, has happened. There is no changing, no going back in time and doing over. We can only move forward. We have the opportunity to look at what happened, and learn from it. If we keep faith, things will work out, even if they are in ways we
aren't expecting.

In my life, as of late, pressure to get married has seemed overwhelming. I'm sure it is like that for more than just myself. The pressures seem to build and build as time goes on, becoming more and more evident. Do not even think about dating someone who has yet to go on a mission. It won't allow you to get married in the next year, which is what should happen.

If one does decide to wait, one of two main things will happen. Either you wait, or you don't. If you wait, and you continue to believe he is 'the one', and he comes home, and he is still 'the one', then obviously it was meant to happen, and its fabulous. But if someone else comes along, and you realize that they are 'the one', then this is what is going to happen in
your life. It wasn't set in stone, but it is what is supposed to happen. As for the missionary, hoping for his high school sweetheart to wait, if she does, there is a good chance that she is the one. If she doesn't, she wasn't! She wasn't the one, and that is okay. You don't want to marry the wrong one, that just leads to sadness and times that...

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