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Whats Up

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Communication Packet:

Scope of the communication policy effort:

1. Acquiring and Organizing Contact Information

2. Communication Policies between entities

a. MUDEX Exec -> Stakeholders

b. MUDEX Members -> MUDEX Members/Exec

Millikin Faculty
Tabor Faculty
Tabor Staff & Administration
Decatur Community
MUDEX Members
MUDEX Alumni
Millikin Alumni
Tabor Students
Millikin Students
DEX National Advisory Board
DEX National Exec Board
Local Press (Papers, News stations)
Office of Student Programs
Other College DEX Chapters
High School DEX Chapters
Central High Advisors?
Greater High Advisors?

Email Policies: MUDEX Exec-> Stakeholders
In regards to labeling-

• When sending an one way informational email:


• When sending an event notification

o MUDEX Event:

• When email is important/urgent

o MUDEX Urgent:

o Criteria needs to be established to determine if email is actually urgent a.k.a don’t abuse this

• When email comes to a committee


• When email requires reply

o MUDEX Reply:

• When email is a survey

o MUDEX Survey:

• When emailing minutes

o MUDEX Minutes: Meeting day and time

Example 1- stakeholder profile template:

Stakeholder: Herald & Review

Primary Contact Info:

Name: John Smith
Job Title/Position: Photographer
Last Contacted: Fall ‘09
Last updated: 11/04/09

Phone: (555) 555-5555 Fax: (555) 555-5555 Email: john.smith@heraldreview.com

Communication Knowledge Items:
-Only call 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM on MWF
-Prefers 72 Hour notification prior to event

Example 2- stakeholder profile template:

Stakeholder: Tabor Students

Address Book Information:

Groups: TaborFreshman; TaborSophomores; TaborJuniors; TaborSeniors
Last updated: 11/04/09

Communication Knowledge Items:
-All email communication policies apply

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