When to Worry Quotes

When to Worry Quotes

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"He went the back way, through Deer's Pasture, across the schoolyard and around to the fence, I thought—at least that was the way he was headed. It would take longer, so it was not time to worry yet. I waited until it was time to worry and listened for Mr. Radley's shotgun." Chapter 6 pg.57

"Oh-h Lord, Jem," said Scout. "Jem put his arm around me. 'Hush, Scout,' he said. 'It ain't time to worry yet. I'll let you know when.'" Chapter 8 pg.69

"Don't worry, Scout, it ain't time to worry yet," said Jem. He
pointed. "Looka yonder." Chapter 8 pg. 70

"Don't you worry about me, Jean Louise Finch. There are ways of doing things you don't know about. Why, I'll build me a little house and take me a couple of roomers and- gracious, I'll have the finest yard in Alabama. Those Bellingraths'll look plain puny when I get started!" chapter 8 pg. 73

Atticus pushed my head under his chin. "It's not time to worry yet,"
he said. "I never thought Jem'd be the one to lose his head over this-
thought I'd have more trouble with you." Chapter 11 pg.104 - mrs.dubose

"'Atticus, is all this behavin' an' stuff gonna make things different? I mean are you—?' I felt his hand on the back of my head. 'Don't you worry about anything,' he said. 'It's not time to worry.' When I heard that, I knew he had come back to us." Chapter 13 pg.134

"'It ain't right, Atticus,' said Jem. 'No, son, it's not right.'" Next morning the conversation continues thus: "'It's not time to worry yet,' Atticus reassured him, as we went into the dining room. 'We're not through yet. You can count on that.'" Chapter 22 pg. 212

'If he loses his appeal,' I asked one evening, 'what'll happen to him?' 'He'll go to the chair,' said Atticus, 'unless the Governor commutes his sentence. Not time to worry yet, Scout. We've got a good chance.'" Chapter 23 pg.219

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