Why school should start later

Why school should start later

School is a main point in all of our lives. I mean we’ve all been there, those early mornings to catch the bus and late nights for sports and studying. For some of us it’s easier to get up and start going, but if you’re like me IT IS NOT. I’m glad to say the facts are in our favor.

Like school, sleep is very important in our everyday lives. Sleep takes up around a one-third of our day and is very necessary for the health of your body and mind. So why do we rush it? For teens more sleep is required. Adults need seven to eight hours of sleep but teenagers need eight to ten hours. “Only 15% of students say they get eight hours of sleep or less a night”, reports Richard Schwab MD at University of Pennsylvania. Schwab also states “the circadian rhythm of teens are shifted so their ideal bedtime is midnight to one AM, but schools still make them get up at six?” If teens were allowed to sleep in just a little bit they would be healthier all around.

With grades becoming more and more important as we grow older and we look towards college, students will do everything to keep their grades up. Well, they don’t have to look as far as they thought. Studies show that students are more alert after nine but with schools starting at seven, the first two hours seem like a waste. Students are not learning fully therefore not earning the grade they deserve. We all know that studying does improve grades but if you are so tired that you can’t even remember what you learned what’s the point? With just one more hour students can use it to “regain” precious study hours. The more sleep students get the more happier and eager to learn they will be.

If we’ve already stated that more sleep equals better focus, and better focus equals better grades, than I think it is safe to say that better grades equal a better attitude. With better grades a student's confidence is boosted and self-esteem is raised. Not only does more sleep make understanding easier and cause less...

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