Why Should the High School Student Wear Uniforms?

Why Should the High School Student Wear Uniforms?

Why the Uniform is Necessary for High School Student

Nowadays, many students in high school do not want to wear the uniform. Though they may look ugly and not colorful, they’re necessary for the high school students.

First of all, as high school students in China, we have to focus on the study not the appearance. As is known to all, almost every studenthave to take the college entrance examination. And then they will get further education, have a better diploma, get a better work and then live a better life. That is to say, this exam could change one’s life! If we spend plenty of time in choosing which clothes to dress everyday, we may have no time and energy to study or do the homework. Especially in senior 3, time is precious for the students. We must do a large amount of homework in order to get a better understanding of the knowledge the teacher taught. So why not wearing the uniform in 1 minute to go to school instead of spending 1 hour in choosing the clothes?

Second, uniform is cheap and even free in some school. There is no doubt that some poor families feel happy about this, because the cost of the tuition fee can be decreased. What’s more, they don’t need to worry about that their children may look strange to other people. Otherwise, other students may laugh at them because of the shabby clothes. So we can see that wearing the school uniform can avoid such bad things happening. As a result of this, the poor students will have less pressure in school in a harmonious atmosphere. Everyone just the same and no one look strange or poor. Isn’t it a good thing?

Third, it’s easy for schools or teachers looking after their students because of the school uniform. When they go out for a spring outing and so on, they are asked to wear the school uniform so that they can be easily found by their teachers. Usually, it makes people annoyed in finding one or two people who leave alone and don’t know where he goes if he doesn’t wear the school uniform. Not...

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