Why Violence in Philadelphia Is Bad

Why Violence in Philadelphia Is Bad

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Why does drug violence in Philadelphia contribute to many deaths? Territorial disputes of drug trafficking is one of the reasons that people die, drug dealers kill other dealers because for being in the wrong territory and making sales on other dealers turfs, Some of drug dealers feel threaten or feel like their customers are being taken away therefore they are looking money and feel the need to retaliate by shooting at them or robbing them. Drug violence is starting to get out of control and to wild for the Philadelphia police department to handle.

By standing on the street corners selling drugs, young adults and older adults aid to the death of many drug users, these drug abusers either overdose on the drug depending on the drug of choice some may contract aids by using and sharing dirty needles. Drug violence is seen everywhere in today’s scocity, it is in the movies we witch the video games we play its influencing our youth to do what they see. Some drug dealers who sell often have no choice but to sell drugs to feed their family’s although that might be the wrong thing to do its reality.

Some people who sell drugs usually do it to fit in with the crowd and some see it as fast money witch it is but they don’t know it’s a whole new ball game their playing in. in a recent case being currently investigated about a drug king pin named ace Capone with is a prime example of drug violence, ace Capone and his associates planned out a major shooting in kinseng in south Philly witch killed 5 people including innocent bystander’s at least 54 shots were let loose flying every were.

Drug dealers usually get tired of slow money and decide to rob other drug rivals by setting up deals and setting them up by killing them and taking the money and the drugs so the outcome of that is basically a win win situation but death stills plays a part in that. Dealers realize that if they get caught they...

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