Working for and with Children

Working for and with Children

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I do not have very much paid experience working with children. For the last three years I have worked in the pharmacy at Hendersonville Hospital. It is an extreme white collared job where I barely get my hands dirty, in fact most of the time I sit at the computer. I realized I wanted to work with children is when I started with the major of pharmacy, then changed it to business, and then realized I want to work with children on a daily basis.
I took classes at Beech High School called early childhood education and we actually took care of children from the ages of six months to two years. Though I have liked children since I can remember, this is where I grew my passion for children. The class was just like a daycare. We taught the children on a daily basis. Their parents dropped them off in the morning and though I would only be in that class for a little over an hour I would feed, change, nurture, and put to sleep these children. Students were allowed to take the class as many times as they wanted to up to five semesters. I took the class all five times and had some of the same children and some different. I loved every single one of them. In that class the children were on a very strict schedule for the most part. They went by a day to day schedule. The child ate, slept, and had art at the same time every day.
I also have been baby sitting for two little boys on a regular basis for a little over two years now. One is 7 months and the other is just over two years. I love being able to help teach them new things. For example a few months ago the two year old, Nate, starting using the potty and he was so proud of himself every time he ran to the potty. It melted might heart for him to be so proud of himself because he knew he did something good.
So I don’t...

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