Writing Exercise

Writing Exercise

Thru history we can found many examples of people whose desire to contribute to the public good have lead them to major developments or discoveries that have greatly benefit the entire humanity; it is also true that some important achievements like the development of banks have been reach during an attempt to achieve a personal goal. However the facts presented thru history of humankind reveal that is more likely for a person who seeks common welfare to do something that benefits the entire world. Don’t the names of Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, etc., remind us of that?

We can find a good example of this embodied in the person of Martin Luther King Jr., who wanted to help African American people and whose efforts to contribute to the wellness of the society lead to the equality among people in America, creating a principle of human equality form which all modern nation now benefit.

We might not remember the times when Google didn’t exist, when the more practical research tools were dictionaries and encyclopedias, but since the Google creators looked for and found a way that would help people to navigate thru the net, information has not just become more accessible to us but also the quantity of it we can access has tremendously increased. This is another good example of how persons who wanted the public good made a huge contribution to the world.

Moreover, one of the best examples we can find of how the contribution of someone who uses its intellectual capacities for the public good benefits the world, is represented in the form of politicians. Whose personals interests are left behind over those of the population, and yet they have contributed to the achievement of greater benefits for the nations and the humankind.

In conclusion it is more likely for someone who seeks common good to make something beneficial for the world than for someone who just want to achieve personal welfare, because that person will use his intellect and...

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