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War in Europe could have been prevented by Britain and France after Hitler rise to power. How far do you agree with this statement?

As soon as Hitler rises to power in 1933, he started to take measurement in order to achieve his foreign policy’s aims. He broke one by one the points stated in the Versailles treaty, starting with the search for living space for his people. This reaches up to a point where nothing could have been done and WWII became inevitable. In this essay I am going to discuss whether or not the war could have been prevented by Britain and France.

A way in which war could have been prevented was in 1935, when Hitler reintroduces conscription to German army and in the following year (1936) the remilitarization of the Rhineland. In both cases Hitler went again the Versailles Treaty despite the fact that Hitler was not ready yet for war. Neither Britain nor France did anything to stop Hitler even though they were still more powerful than Germany. France has the opportunity to stop the remilitarization as the troops that Hitler send had the orders to withdraw, if there was any French opposition and Britain didn’t do anything as well. These give Hitler confidence.
Moreover, war could have been prevented if Britain and France had stop Hitler in 1938 when the anschuluss happen. This was a clear violation of the Versailles treaty and no one did anything to make Hitler follow it. In 1935 the anschuluss was prevented thanks to the help of Mussolini during the Dolfuss incident. Now Mussolini was by Hitler’s side and this gave Hitler enough strength. The distancing between Mussolini was caused by the inefficiency and weakness of the League. Again the weakness of the league was proven, as any of the allies who supposedly had to make the treaty to be followed. This also gave Hitler even more confidence.
Another way in which war could have been prevented was if Britain and France had stick to the established in the Versailles treaty. They didn’t...

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