Your Voice Counts on the Debate for Health Care

Your Voice Counts on the Debate for Health Care

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ENGL 112 Instructor: Matthew Kagle

Essay # 3 Final Date: 10/16/09

Your voice counts on the debate for Health Care

The two major parties in the United States have completely different views on the role of government regarding our health care. Your point of view will affect the outcome of the debate.

The Democratic Party believes that all Americans should be entitled to health care. Their view is that they must establish a government controlled heath care system for all. They have focused on this issue for over forty years. Their focus has been to find a way to establish a health care program that is primarily focused on some sort of government driven program.

The first attempt to establishing a health care program was the current Medicare system. The Medicare system was primarily created for the elderly and disabled members of our society. This Medicare system has increased in cost to the point that the current taxes collected will cause it to be bankrupt in a few years. If Medicare benefits continue to be cut, it will effectively become only a critical system, also known as emergency care. The elderly and disabled Americans want a better health care plan.

The Democratic Party has a majority in Washington and they are attempting to get their desired health care plan into law. The most recent proposals would force every American to have health care insurance or pay a stiff tax. If passed it will be the first steps to creating a socialist type of health care program. Effectively taking take away many of the individual rights our forefathers fought for.

In contrast, the Republican Party believes that the government has no business being involved in health care. They have focused their efforts to stop any implementation of a health care reform that would benefit the American people. If they had their way they would eliminate the Medicare system. They would have all our poor, elderly and disabled people provide for...

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