Youth Sports

Youth Sports

Youth Sports

David Logan

Axia College University of Phoenix

COM 220

Instructor Blaine Howard

April 3, 2008

Youth Sports 2

Youth Sports

Sports injuries amongst youth sports organization may be a compelling argument, but studies
shows that youth sports is a good form of psychology for children’s’ mind and body
development, which leads to a healthier adulthood. Schools need to emphasize to a greater extent
so students understand the importance of lifetime fitness. Exercising is important; however, the
media are emphasizing strenuous exercise can be too much. Youth sports require special
attention to thee many facets it presents.

The Board of Education is improving their sports curriculum in producing innovative ways
to encourage children in physical activities, as to the concerns and prevention of sports related
injuries that is a concern among pediatric orthopedic surgeons around the country. How bad
coaching can hinder a child’s mindset and performance, to good coaches who will serve as good
role models in teaching respect for the game, respect for other young athletes and
themselves. Focusing on how children’s participation in sports will lead to a better future
lifestyle and self taught leadership, and promoting self confidence in children of all ages
and gender.


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