A Christmas Carol- Crachits

A Christmas Carol- Crachits

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Examine the presentation of the Cratchits in stave 3

In Stave 3 the Cratchits are presented as not having much in their lives but being able to take the most of them, making them humble and happy with their life, these can be seen as Tiny TIm is presented as being held up, and by the food that they are eating. These ideas make me as a reader as the question that the Cratchits have not much in life but are rich with emotions however Scrooge is rich materialistically but then is poor emotionally.

The Cratchits are presented as not having much in life. This can be seen as they have only a “blazing in half of half-a-quartern of ignited brandy” upon their Christmas Pudding.. This could be seen to metaphorically show the light on the Christmas Pudding is a dim light with only “half-a-quartern” of brandy lit. This shows the hope that is in them to gain a better more materialistic life, but i could be argue to show that their life now if full of happiness and togetherness that the materialistic world is not needed to make their family feel more close with each other. Also it could be argued that the fact only a little bit of the brandy is lit, could show that there is no hope for the Cratchits if Scrooge doesn’t change, the change is scrooge could give hope to the Cratchit family. Some could say that Dickens was trying to tell the middle class readers in the victorian era that they could do something to change anothers life, that in society they could help a poor person or family by giving them money to help them through their lives..

The Cratchits are also seen to have hope and love in their lives, this can be seen as Tiny TIm says “”God bless us everyone” said Tiny Tim last of all”. Some may argue that the way that Dickens puts the words “last of all” can make the reader feels as if Tiny TIm is made to say this last as one his is the youngest and stereotypically the youngest always goes last. However Tiny Tim is seen as the youngest but could be seen as the...

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