A Diffucult Decision

A Diffucult Decision

An Account of a Difficult Decision

Beverly Sutton


University of Phoenix, Columbus Campus

Mrs. Wilson

26 June 09

An Account of a Difficult Decision

What would happen if a child expresses the need to die? As a parent watching a child suffer would be hard. Losing a child is hard enough, but making the decision to let him go felt like someone just pulls the heart out and stomps on it. Being the parent of a terminally ill adult child is hard enough, knowing when to let go and initiate that comfort care is where the heart ache comes in. Observing a suffering child, letting a terminally ill child go, living after the child’s death is an account of a difficult decision.

He was diagnosed at birth with a liver disease called Billary Atresia, causing him to get two liver trans-plants at the young age of four. After 23 years his health started failing which sent us back to square one. With all that being said, basically he would die if he didn’t get not only another liver transplant but a kidney transplant as well. Praying, crying and bargaining with God to spare him, because he was so young. Wanting to just shut down and give up wasn’t an option, because the other children and his grandparents were depending on the right decision.

His doctor’s wanted him back in Wisconsin where he was then put on dialysis and the necessary test was done to get him on the transplant list. He was mildly mentally challenged, due to all the different medications consumed throughout the years. Not to the point where he wasn’t capable of understanding what was going on and how he felt about it. For awhile he was forced to take his medication, attend dialysis and keep the many doctors appointments. It was hard watching him deteriorate and he trying to be strong for his mother. Days were filled with doctor’s appointments and the nights were filled with prayers and tears.

Christmas 2007 while visiting with Marcus, he said “momma...

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