A Place for People That Have Nothing to Do

A Place for People That Have Nothing to Do

IKEA is a place for people that have nothing better to do than to go and look around at thousands of different accessories for their house. I hated my experience at Ikea, every second of it. I hated people that work and shop there. I felt like it was the worst time of my life, time that could never be replaced.

My experience could have been better if my car did not break down in the middle of the freeway. I drive a 2001 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. It is a nice car and never gave my problems before; however, when I was going 80 miles per hour on the freeway it started to overheat because the anti-freeze started to leak out of the car. After stopping several times on the freeway and waiting twenty minutes for the car to cool down, my joy and happiness was quickly replaced with anger frustration. After two hours I finally got to my destination and went inside.

The restroom was the first thing that I wanted to visit when I got there. It smelled really nasty in there. One of the urinals was out of order and someone still urinated in to it. The smell was like the urine was there since the time that they opened. After turning blue, from holding my breath, I managed to find an exit and leave; however, the smell of rotten fish was still haunting me down and burning my nose. Now it was time to take a little drink, but when I came to a drinking fountain there was a huge yellow greenish logy in one of the fountains. This did not stop me from drinking, out of the clean fountain.

Finally I am ready to go and see the furniture. I went up the stair way and started to follow the arrows on the ground. There was thousand of furniture that looks like little kids made them. Walking around Ikea, reminded me of Fight Club and how the narrator loved all sorts of furniture. Then I heard something that my ears could not stand, a whining little kid and a disgustingly over weight mother that tried to please him with a Sneakers candy bar that she took out of her cheap...

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