Club It: a Great Place for People

Club It: a Great Place for People

Club IT, Part 3

Club IT is a great place for people to go to have fun and relax. Club IT consists of a devoted and caring staff that await the needs of their customers. They offer a wide variety of music, food and a very nice atmosphere so you can unwind after a hard day at work. The entire club has been remodeled to make it more appealing to their customers. In order for them to keep growing and potentially open another club they will need to change their Information Technology. The first thing that will need to change is that they need to implement a point of sale Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This will organize all of their daily process of the club information into one local place. The system that they are running now is not able to keep track of inventory or food supplies. They currently run Club IT manually. Their paperwork is done manually and that definitely needs to change. They will need to upgrade their current system to an ERP system and potentially carry that system over to the other location that they intend to open. By implementing a POS system this will allow the wait staff to communicate via computer input from the club to the kitchen. This will ensure for accurate orders and less running for the wait staff. Inventory will be counted an accurate via computer. Supplies will be ordered in a timely fashion to prevent any shortages in the club. Club IT also will need to update their website to be more user friendly for their customers. To allow them to have easy access to event tickets and merchandise that the club sells.

The club consists of Ruben and Lisa that are the owners of Club IT. They are fully staffed with an Assistant Manager, 4 bartenders, 6 servers, 2 stewards, 2 cooks and 4 security people. They provide their customers with food and beverage service along with great customer service. The provide club merchandise for sale at the club.

Club IT’s website is not user friendly. The website should be...

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