A rabbit named roger

A rabbit named roger

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A Rabbit Named Roger:
A Critique of Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Sherdava Lopez-Sandoval
Introduction to Film
Professor Cicely Denean Cobb
September 22, 2013

A Rabbit Named Roger: A Critique of Who Framed Roger Rabbit

The American Author, Gary K. Wolf, wrote the novel Who Censored Roger Rabbit in 1981. It was written a little over 30 years ago. This novel is about a world where cartoon characters and humans live together and directly interact with one another. In 1981, Walt Disney bought the film rights to the novel. Two screenplay writers, Jeffrey Price and Peter S. Seaman were hired to work their magic. Eight years later in 1988 the American fantasy comedy, Who Framed Roger Rabbit was released. It was a success and brought about new interests in the Golden Age of American animation and lead the modern era of American animation. Even though it was thought to have had sexual innuendos, Who Framed Roger Rabbit is a new and entertaining film that uses a revolutionary mix of animation and live action, not to mention the great storyline that comes along with it.
Who Framed Roger Rabbit is a movie where the humans and cartoons live in the world together. Roger, who is one of the famous toons is on top of the world until a private investigator, Eddy Valiant, turns his world upside down. Eddy was hired to take pictures of Roger’s wife, Jessica Rabbit, in a compromising position with Marvin Acme who is the owner of Maroon Cartoons and ToonTown. Well when it rains it pours. Now Marvin is found murdered and the prime suspect is Roger. The only person Roger can turn to is the one that started the downward spiral, Eddy Valiant. Being that Eddy was a toon hating alcoholic investigator on the verge of unemployment, it was not easy to get him to help Roger.
As the two go around LA trying to piece together the pieces of the puzzle, they are being chased by Judge Doom, who has his own reasons for wanting Roger. Eddie must figure...

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