A Study of Staff Turnover at Private Hospital (Organizational Behavior)

A Study of Staff Turnover at Private Hospital (Organizational Behavior)

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As technology advances, the demand for healthcare services also increases. For example, according to the Ministry of Health (MOH), there is an estimated 25,000 number of dementia patients in Singapore right now as compared to 21,000 in 2003. There is an increased in 4,000 patients in 5 years. From the figures, it depicts the number of illnesses in Singapore with the approximate increase in patients. Thus, we can gauge the number of medical officers that are required to cope with the rising numbers of patients.

This report highlights the problem that medical officers, particularly nurses, face in their daily work which caused them to make the decision of leaving their jobs. We found certain possible causes of the problem and did further research through verbal interview with a full-time and experienced nurse. The possible causes include heavy workload, family commitment, interpersonal relations at work and lastly, the mundane job routine. From there, we are able to analyse the problem effectively using the stress model and EVLN (Exit-Voice-Loyal-Neglect). In our analysis, we have also included probable limitations of the models and why are they the most appropriate models or theories to be used in this context.


2.1 Objective of Report
Due to the ageing population, growing affluence and the aspiration to be a medical hub, Singapore has placed more emphasis on the healthcare sector in recent years. However, the turnover rate of nurses is on the rise as well, together with the importance of the healthcare sector. Therefore, in this report, we shall review on the reasons of high turnover rate of nurses in hospitals and describe the effects using the various models.

2.2 Data Collection
Information collected from an interview and the Internet will be primarily used to support and justify certain statements and assumptions we have made.

Our interview was conducted with a senior nurse who has 11 years of experience and...

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