A Typical Case Study Concerning Corporate America Today

A Typical Case Study Concerning Corporate America Today

Executive Summary

This specific Case Study is one that I believe is a typical Case Study concerning corporate America today. We have employees that have tenure within the company that are complacent. In this specific case Hank has been with company for twenty-five years. He has been able to acquire a good portfolio of clients. Hanks billing has been good but he has not made an effort to acquire new business. Hank was complacent were he stood with the company. Although he did feel out of touch with everything going on at the station, I believe that Hank was not able to keep up with the market changes, television industry changes, staff changes and his assignments changing.

1. If you had been WMEE-TV's local sales manager, what would you have done differently than Whitey DiOrio did?

In this specific instance, Whitey did not appreciate Hanks tenure. Whitey could have had several sit downs or one on one session with Hank to pick his brain. Also, I believe that allowing for Hank to have all the big account was a big mistake. This did not challenge hank to be more creative and look at the big picture. The company was changing, it needed new business. The numbers were diminishing. Hank was not challenge to acquire new business. Even though Hank seen the signs, but nothing was done until it was too late. Whitey needed to find out was Hanks motivation. The MBTI test would have definitely helped in this situation.

2. What are some ways to avoid the burnout that Hank Abbey experienced?

Hank needed to review his motivation. He needed to reevaluate where he wanted to be within the company. He was feeling left out. He needed to approach Whitey and get a clear understanding of his goal and expectations. Hank needed to explore new avenues of the business. The new young representatives were bringing in new business. He needed to partner with one of them and see what the changes in the market and television industry were. He was...

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