A Valley for the Disabled

A Valley for the Disabled


21 year old Ramakrishna, from Ayikudy, a small town in Tamil Nadu, was full of hope and enthusiasm when he attended the staff selection commission examination for the direct recruitment of engineers in the Indian Navy, in Pune, Maharashtra. He was excited because his long cherished dream was going to be realized that day.

He had done well in the written tests. Now, he was going through the physical endurance tests. He had already completed a few successfully, The obstacle session in which he had to jump from 120 foot high platform to the other came as an obstacle in his life. He could not clear the height and lay in a heap, unconscious and broken, between the platforms.

That fall changed his life. When he woke up he found himself in the Army hospital. He could see, hear and speak, but he could not move any part of his body.

Ramakrishnan was filled with fear and dread. “What shall I do?” He asked Dr.Amar Singh, who was taking care of him. “How I will manage the rest of my life?”.

“With courage”, Dr.Amar Singh replied, ‘and by serving others.’

Ramakrishna took the doctor’s words to heart. So, when it was time for him to be discharged from the hospital, he knew exactly what he would do. He would set up a centre to help children with physical disabilities.

Ramakrishnan started the centre on his return from the hospital. He has named it AMAR SEVA SANGAM as a tribute to the doctor who showed him the way.

In the year 1992 a young Professional Accountant S. Sankara Raman, affected by Muscular Dystrophy and a Wheel Chair user, left his lucrative practice at Chennai, and joined Ramakrishnan with a dream to build a Valley for the disabled. Their vision is to make Amar Seva Sangam a model centre catering to all the needs of the disabled.

The organisation, started with just a handful of children, has grown into an Institution of significant social relevance rendering immeasurable services to...

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