A work of fiction (work in progress)

A work of fiction (work in progress)

Where do I start with how many things are wrong with this particular scene? I’m running for my life with

these two clowns, who I somehow got mixed up with. My life has always been a bit of a joke, leading to

the same punch line, every day, and yet I feel that today might be the final joke in the comedy act of my

life. How I got to this point, maybe I can shed some light on that subject.

As a child, I had a pretty happy life. I wasn’t burdened by the world, and I certainly didn’t have any worry

beyond who had the tire swing. But that all changed the moment after my 10th birthday, when mom

died, and we moved downtown.

I had a few problems right away, like this bigger kid who seemed to enjoy beating people smaller than

him into a mess on the playground. This guy would end up growing up, becoming a “loving” husband

and father; I’m sure, but just not right now. I’m not quite sure that was what he was thinking would

happen to him while he was beating my face in.

Mom had died, and dad was a former heavy weight boxing champion who had made a living afterwards

by going to law school and becoming a lawyer with his winnings, so he had some pretty high

expectations of me, which in most cases, I missed the mark completely. I “lost” my dad later, after a

disagreement that led to a sparring match where I used the very same punch that had ended his career.

After that, we never saw eye to eye again, and I didn’t really care. Now it is just Aunt Cecilia, her very

irritating son, and I.

I made an effort to be cool, not that it even mattered to me, and ended up meeting this guy. Who knew

that later in life, this guy would end up being one of the worst influences in my life, and be one of the

guys running next to me, who would have caused so many of the things I would go through?

A few days ago, we were planning to attend a massive party in some of the local ruins, and none of us

had any idea that we...

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