d and a garden

d and a garden

P.A. Garden Supplies is a garden supply and nursery business for the last 13 years, about five years ago, the company decided to start a small cafe inside the nursery, the business was running steady until couple of years ago the net profit has starting to drop steadily. This report is aiming to solve this profit dropping problem for P.A. Garden Supplies with market research and analysis, as well as recommend future strategies that could lead the business running smoothly and profitable in the near future.

Background of the business
The business has prospered over the years through a steady stream of customers who are happy with the quality and cost of the goods and services, and the professional advice. David has a good rapport with most of them, and takes a keen interest in making sure their gardens are properly maintained. Five years ago David and Alison opened a small café inside the nursery. They now have two full-time staff and an additional part-time staff member who works over lunch-time and on weekends; although during the school holidays Alison’s daughter also assists in the café. A new café opened for business 18 months ago around the corner, in a small strip of shops attached to a business park.

Business operation
The whole concept was a good one however their total business net profit has dropped steadily over the last two years, although gross revenue remains acceptable. They are at a loss to identify what has gone wrong and decide to seek help to redress the situation.

Research situation
The research will begin within David and Alison. Their permission will be asked to consult the person who may have access to their records. The researcher will furnish them information about the pre-requisites of the research and that their presence is expected during the meetings. All employees who run the business including the gardeners, landscaping consultants, cashiers and café staffs may be part of the research. Access to...

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