L's Autobiography

L's Autobiography

I was born and raise in a small suburb west of downtown Chicago, Illinois called Maywood. I live in South Bend, Indiana right now it’s a cool little city. I’m the oldest of two girls my younger sister is 32 and I’m 40.

Who I am in life

My name Leslie Halsell. I went to Washington Elementary and was very athletic and a honor roll student. After graduating from there I went to Proviso East High School, did very well academically and played varsity volleyball and softball. Growing up with my generation was kind of rough. Our parents did not know how to educate us on violence, sex, and drugs. There were a lot of gang-banging going, teen age sex, and lots of drug use. Unfortunately I fell victim to all 3. I end up getting kick out of school, I got pregnant and after my pregnancy I started using drugs. After leading such a rough life, I found my way and got myself together. I have a beautiful son his name is Levi and he is 25 years old. I started attended college at Ivy Tech Community College, and just transferred to Phoenix Online to finish my degree in Human Services.

What life means to me

Life to me means friends, family and doing the right things. I am pretty much on the happy side of life but just like everyone else I still have my days. That means that I have some sad days and some depressed days. However I put all my trust in the Lord and he always seems to work it out. Being that I was the black sheep of the family I try my best to do the right things so that I do not disappoint my family or myself no more. I love them whole heartedly and they love me too. I just want to be a better person and I know as long as continue to do the right things and trust in the Lord I can’t go wrong.

What’s my outlook on the future?

The year 2009 I will graduate from college and start working on a Bachelor’s degree. I want to help people, because helping people helps me. I have a lot of experience of messing up; I just want to teach people that...

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