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Effects of Mismanagement

Effects of Mismanagement



The enclosed paper will discuss how a non-profit organization, Newburgh Community Action Committee, doesn’t acknowledge the “Big Picture” The paper will include explanations as the current problems that need to be analyzed through critical thinking and build a system that will allow for a correction of the issues at hand. The information will be shown in a Behavior Over Time (BOT) graph. It will state a discussion about the long and short term consequences within the organization. It will apply techniques used in System thinking to improve on the current operating system.
The organization is a non-profit part of Community Action Committee. Community Action Committee vision is to change places lives, embodies the spirit of hope improves communities and makes America a better place. They can be found in low income urban areas. Programs are federal funded through the Community Service Block Grants (CSBG) and America Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Community Action Agencies in NY received a total of awarded amount of $86,780,940 in CSBG/ARRA Funding. The amount of money allocated is to be used for job training of clients, purchasing of goods and investment into the local community. The funding can also be used to assist families in the emergency situations.
Newburgh Community Action Committee is a subsidiary of the Community Action Committee. They have 9 employees all are black with the exception of a Spanish counselor and a white man fiscal Director.
The major problems with NCAC, is that management is ignorant to the client needs because they don’t have an open line of communication with the counselors. It operates each department as a separate entity. The executive departments create reporting systems without consideration of the workload on the counselors. The grant writers don’t initiate research before promising milestone to the Grant Foundations.
All these factors come into play when the counselors are dealing with...

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